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Terms and Conditions

  1. I/We confirm that the above information is true, correct and complete.
  2. I/We herewith grant my/our approval that PS&S may fully investigate any source regarding this agreement.
  3. I/We further grant my/our approval to such a source to provide PS&S with confidential information.
  4. I/We acknowledge that any credit facility that may be granted, may be withdrawn at any time and without any reason.
  5. I/We acknowledge and accept the terms of credit as being 30 days from date of invoice and that PS&S shall be entitled, without further notice, to levy interest at current prime bank overdraft rates, plus 3 % on any outstanding amounts.
  6. All telephonic and E-mail support is FREE of charge.
  7. PS&S is/will be entitled to request a deposit or a guarantee as security. This deposit will only be refunded in full once the account has been closed and all outstanding accounts have been settled in full.
  8. I/We herewith acknowledge that I/We am/are fully authorized to sign the application on behalf of the applicant.