SmartCollect Products

SmartCollect has developed 3 systems to cater for varying customer requirements.

The first one we refer to as "EFT Debits"

This system has been developed as a basic debit order system without any fancy bells or whistles. It runs on the platform used for EFT DEBITS (ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER DEBITS)

It is predominantly used by our clients that have signed debit order mandates from their debtors, and that pay regular and or recurring fees for products and or services rendered for example, TV subscriptions, Insurance premiums and Gym fees.

The SmartCollect EFT Debits system transacts with all 23 participating Banks in the EFT DEBIT system.

Once-off and or Recurring debits orders can be processed

The EFT DEBIT system is not a priority service and cannot accommodate credit tracking.

Benefits of the EFT Debits system

Highly reliable, low risk and generally inexpensive.

The second system we refer to as "NAEDO"

This system operates on the NAEDO (NON-AUTHENTICATED EARLY DEBIT ORDER) platform. Debit order instructions are not required to be authenticated by the debtor's bank card and PIN.

Our NAEDO debit order system is a priority system and debit orders are processed shortly after the debtors bank account has been credited with salaries or any other credits.

This SmartCollect system allows for credit tracking. Here the user may select the number of days that SmartCollect is to monitor the debtors account for any credits that will cover the debit order. If during this period the debtors account is credited with sufficient funds our system will trigger the deduction. Credit tracking (if selected) is automatically activated only after the initial debit order was unsuccessful on the original due date.

The SmartCollect EBT 15 system transacts with all 8 participating Banks in the NAEDO payment stream.

Once-off and or Recurring debits orders can be processed

Benefits of the NAEDO system

This system has a very high probability of success due to the "Early processing" and Credit tracking facilities. Zero or low penalties for failed debit orders to debtors.

The final system we have named "Independent User"

This system primarily caters for the large Corporate Companies that process huge numbers of debit orders at a time.

With our EFT Debits and NAEDO products we mainly act as TPPP (Third Party Payment Providers) in other words we withdraw the money from the debtors bank account, it gets paid into our bank account and then we pay the proceeds over to our users bank account.

With the "Independent User" system we only act as facilitators, we instruct the debtor's bank to withdraw the funds from the debtors account and pay it over directly to the Independent User bank account. With this process we act as System Operators (SO)

Independent EBT User can process either EFT DEBITS or NAEDO transactions.

Benefits of the "Independent User" system

  • Use of our sophisticated software and systems
  • Software upgraded continuously by our team
  • Competitive transaction fees, because of our collective bargaining

General benefits of using SmartCollect.

  • Enhances the Cash Flow of the business
  • Highly competitive rates (cheaper than the banks)
  • All our systems can be Integrated
  • Save on the cost of collecting debtors (staff, telephone etc.)
  • Save on "cash deposit" fees
  • Reduces the security risk of handling cash
  • User-friendly software
  • Transaction reports available
  • Signed and voice recorded mandates acceptable
  • Cash for Surety deposit not essential

Smart People use SmartCollect

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